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Clinic Health Issue Help Sheets

Helpful Links

We've tried to organize some of our favorite sites for information for you. You will find links to sites to help you better understand your cat, blog contributions, medical conditions, pet insurance options and more.

Who Is Your Cat? Understanding your cat and their behavioral and environmental needs

  • The Indoor Cat Initiative – One of the best sites for information about keeping indoor cats happy and healthy. Advice, ideas and support for indoor cat caregivers.
  • Body Language-What's Safe To Touch, What The Tail Tells - That exposed belly doesn't mean rub it. The messages your cat sends with their body explained.
  • AAFP Client Brochures - Do you have a problems with elimination issues in your house? Need help with helping understand your cats environmental needs? Would you like to know what to be mindful of as your cats moves into their senior years? Helpful information is here.
  • Animal Planet's Jackson Galaxy - Got behavior issues at home? Jackson's site has great strategies. Even though we hate the name of the program, his web site has wonderful information to help you understand your cat and great ideas to help you make your cat's environment a better, more engaging, happier place. He also has a YouTube channel with great videos that explains lots about cats and their behavior.
  • iCatCare –  Formerly the Feline Advisory board. Great information about medical and behavior issues from this European source.
  • ASPCA - You can find information about many topics here.
  • CATalyst Council - Here you can find videos about getting to the vet, cat care, and informative newsletters. And Cat Stanley's advice.
  • AAFP for Cat Owners - American Association of Feline Practitioners resources for owners
  • Cats International - More help in understanding your cat.
  • Feline Aggression Toward People - Remember that aggression almost always arises from fear. This site from Best Friends helps you understand triggers and suggests strategies to help with this complex problem. 
  • Feliway, Feliscratch and Scratching Behavior - A link to the Feliway web site that described what scratching behavior is all about and some strategies to live with your cats when they do it. 
  • Feeding Cats - It's Not Just About A Food Bowl Anymore. -  Your cat is a natural hunter. Learn how to help your cat be happier by using forage and puzzle feeding methods. You can make your own food puzzles and hide small bowls of food around the house for you cats to go find. Or you can buy puzzles and items to help. Here's a link to a company called Doc and Phoebe's that has a fun device. 

Medical Conditions and Support

"How-to"s   - Treatments and procedure you can do at home, as well as some helpful products

  • How to Give Your Cat Fluids - Kudos to Dr. Jill Partlow for a great video showing how to give subcutaneous fluids to a cat.  We hope it will help you. There's another video that is a little longer and goes through some trouble shooting at home. Some of the topics are things that we want you to get instruction from us first, like how much to give or using syringes to give fluids. But overall, it's got good info for the basic procedure. Learn how to "Give Fluids Like A Pro"
  • How To Give Your Cat Medication - How to give pills. A great video by Dr. Stacey Wallach with a good show and tell.
  • Partners in Animal Health – Great how – to videos for cat care and resource for other diseases. For additional information, click on the "Cats" tab in the website.
  • Helping You Get Your Cat To The Vet - How to make carriers and veterinary visits less stressful.
  • An Aid For Individualized Feeding In A Mulitcat Household - Microchip or RF tag triggered feeder so only one specific cat will be able to get to a certain food bowl.
  • Bed Bugs 101 - Unfortunately, more of our clients are reporting bed bugs. Here's a brochure from the New York City Heath Department. Its an overview of where they are and how to manage. Call us if you have bedbugs so we can give you the most up to date advice about products to use on your cat and how to transport your cat so that their carrier and bedding don't spread them.

Professional Organization Sites

Pet Insurance

Having pet insurance can help you with the financial burden of unexpected medical expenses for your cat. The best time to get a policy is when your cat is a kitten and before there are any illnesses diagnosed that will be a preexisting condition. There are many companies and policy types. We have links to a few of the popular ones below. Companies these days make it simple for you to submit claims and do all the communication with them. Our office doesn't need to be involved for any signatures or claim submission.

We also have is a link that takes you to a chart comparing several companies in the market place here. Please note that VPI is now called Nationwide::

Chart To Compare Insurance Companies

Links to some individual companies:

Pet Loss Support