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Our Practice, What's Different Here?

It’s all about the cat. From expert care to cat considerate attention to detail.

When you bring your cat in for a visit, you’ll see the difference attention to detail can make. We think before we work with your kitty. What kind of handling works the best for your cat so that the visit can be less stressful? The physical exam is just the beginning with our wellness visits. We take the time to look at the many different things that impact your cat’s quality of life. We ask about how your cat behaves at home and how she interacts with you and her other furry housemates. Sometimes we don’t know that an environment is stressful for our cats. We give you information to help make your cat’s home as happy and healthy as you can.

Recommendations about vaccines and medications are carefully considered. We make suggestions about which vaccinations your cat might need with your cat’s life style in mind and only use the ones that we feel are the safest for your cat. Addressing healthy weight and those painful conditions that your stoic cat hides also are important parts of our exams.

We’re dedicated to getting to the root of a problem as quickly as possible. We believe that there is great value in getting answers from the start and knowing your options. You can make better decisions and orchestrate better treatment plans when you are better informed. We know that lab tests and diagnostics can be expensive, but plans that are more than just putting out fires can save you money in the long run. We’ll help you look for the footprints of problems before they create an overwhelming disease. And if we can give you the tools to prevent illness, that’s better yet.

We are conveniently located in the Brookside/Waldo area and easily accessible to Kansas City as well as Prairie Village, Leawood, Fairway and other Johnson County communities. We hope to hear from you!

Expert Care:

American Board of Veterinary Practitioners Certified

Certification with the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners means hours of study, taking the board exam, a commitment to continued learning and re-certifying every 10 years. It means offering specialized knowledge and the best way to use it. We help you put information into the whole picture: your cat, your home and you.

Drs Gloor and Hodes are committed to helping you make every day the best day your cat can have! Our guiding force, Dr Sundahl (now mostly retired) still consults with our doctors when needed.

Certified Cat Friendly Practice

The American Association of Feline Practitioners, AAFP, is an important advocate for your cat. This association of veterinarians promotes excellence in Medical Continuing Education and Guidelines for veterinarians wanting to do the best they can for their feline patients. They have also established a Cat Friendly Practice program to help teach all veterinarians and staff less stressful ways to work with cats in our clinic environments. Over the last 40 years, many veterinary student chapter members have requested externships here to learn from us.

Dr. Sundahl is a Past President of AAFP and continues to be actively involved with developing clinical guidelines and education for others in how to be more respectful of the special creatures that are our cats. All of our doctors and staff are committed to making our environment cat friendly for you. 

American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Accredited

AAHA accreditation lets you know that a veterinary practice maintains high standard with the physical aspect of the clinic environment and equipment. There are numerous areas of inspection and rigorous standards to maintain. We are proud to be an AAHA hospital!