Drop Off Services

For your convenience, we also offer drop-off service for current clients when your time is not available for an office visit. We’d like to know that you’re coming, so please call us to schedule your cat’s visit.

Communicating with you is very important to us. We want to make sure that we have the appropriate information and authorization from you when you leave. Please allow yourself a few extra minutes when dropping off your cat.  A thorough and completely filled out Drop Off Exam Form is very important. (Find it on the "Clinic Forms" page). You might want to consider filling out the forms at home. A complete history will really help us figure out problems, especially all those bodily fluid questions. The  “how longs”, “how often” and “what does it look like” give us clues, so be sure to fill in those blanks!

Because we make sure that our drop-off patients are housed comfortably, there is a ward care charge in addition to the office visit for drop-off appointments.