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Welcome to KC Cat Clinic

A veterinary clinic that respects your cat by creating less anxious visits and less stressful handling 

At KC Cat Clinic, we want to help you keep your cat healthy and happy so you can prevent medical and behavioral problems from developing. Our veterinarians work hard to give you the tools and strategies to do this. We believe that the better you understand a problem, the better choices you can make to work with it. And when you understand your cat better, you can make a healthier and less stressful environment at home, too!

Board certification in Feline Medicine means your veterinarians continue learning and improving so they can give you and your cat the best recommendations and care. It's important for us to get to the root of your cat's problems and find the best solutions for both of you.

It’s not just our medicine that is specialized. Our approach to every aspect of working with your cat also reflects our specialist expertise. Come see how different it can be here. We know cats and respect their response to scary situations. And no matter what, we know that there are no mean or bad cats, just scared ones.

Schedule an appointment today - call (816) 361-4888.

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World Rabies Day for Pet Owners

On World Rabies Day, observed on September 28th, the focus shifts to safeguarding both pets and humans from the grave dangers of rabies.

The disease, transmitted through bites, poses a serious threat to mammals, including pets, leading to behavioral changes, paralysis, and often fatal outcomes. Through vaccinations, responsible pet ownership, and swift action in case of exposure, pet owners play a crucial role in preventing the spread of rabies and ensuring a safer coexistence for all.

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